Sitting at home, where will the income come from… Aishwarya’s response to Abhishek Bachchan’s statement left the actor staring at her face.

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New Delhi:

During the period of Corona, people’s employment was in crisis due to the lockdown across the country. Many people became victims of economic crisis and were forced to return to their homes. Bollywood was also not immune to this situation. During this period, the production of films was stopped, in such a situation, big stars of films were also going through financial crisis, while Kovid also took many people in its grip. The Bachchan family was also affected by Corona. Abhishek, Amitabh, Aaradhya were all infected with Covid. During this difficult time, when Abhishek was distracted, Aishwarya Rai told him something that filled him with courage.

Abhishek was worried about running the house.

Abhishek Bachchan himself told in an interview how the Bachchan family was facing health related problems during Covid. Abhishek said that his father, wife, daughter and himself have become victims of Kovid. All were admitted to hospital. Abhishek stayed in the hospital for about a month and then recovered and returned home. But after coming home, he started worrying about running the house.

This is how Aishwarya handled Abhishek

Abhishek said in his interview that he asked Aishwarya that she is sitting at home, no work is being done, where will the income come from. In response to this, Aishwarya said that you should think that you have a healthy family. We are very lucky that our whole family is with us, otherwise Corona would have destroyed many families. Abhishek said that Aishwarya’s words gave him strength.

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