Smriti Biswas’ end very sad, Anju Mahendru reveals – ‘There was no money even for the funeral’ Rajesh Khanna Co star Anju Mahendru talks about the late Smriti

New Delhi, veteran actress Smriti Biswas, who worked with actors like Raj Kapoor, Devanand and Balraj Sahni, has passed away. The actress has said goodbye to this world forever at the age of 100 years. Now after her death actress Anju Mahendru has revealed many secrets related to her life.

Smriti Biswas, who has worked in Hindi, Marathi and Bengali films, has bid farewell to this world at the age of 100. But it is being said that the actress had a very sad end. She was ill for a long time due to age related problems. Anju Mahendru revealed that Smriti Biswas’s family did not even have money for her last rites.

The 1993 film became infamous because of a song, but it was a hit at the box office.

When did you talk to the late actress?
In a recent interview to ETimes, Anju Mahendru said, ‘He handled the properties and money properly which is very important. When she married film director S.D. Happened with Narang. So initially her married life was going very well as she was married to S.D. Narang was together but the end was not so good, he had no money.

Smriti was staying at her sister’s house
Anju puts forward her point and says, ‘If both his sons were willing, everything would have been fine. But they didn’t take care of the property, we didn’t even advise anyone. Narang Sahib had properties all over India. He had a big bungalow in JVPD, which also had a swimming pool. But they gave him a blank contract and now it’s all gone. But for all these things legal paper is very important. Rather than lose money like this, it is better to pay a lawyer to get solid papers done, now she was living in a room, that too in her elder sister’s house near Nashik.

Let us tell you that Mahendru also said that the situation had become so bad that today he has no money even for the last rites. He used to receive money from the temple trust in Nashik and send it there. It ended very sadly.

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