Sonakshi Sinha met her future mother-in-law and father-in-law before the wedding, a special bonding was seen with Zaheer Iqbal’s family.

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Sonakshi Sinha Zaheer Iqbal Marriage: Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha is in the news these days regarding her marriage with boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal. The news of Sonakshi’s sudden marriage has shocked fans. The reactions of the stars regarding Sonakshi and Zaheer’s marriage are constantly coming to the fore. At the same time, now their wedding date has also been announced. Both will tie the knot on June 21. In such a situation, Sonakshi met her in-laws before the wedding, whose picture is fast becoming viral on social media.

Sonakshi met her in-laws before the wedding

Bride-to-be Sonakshi Sinha spent Sunday with her in-laws. Zaheer Iqbal’s sister shared a picture of this special encounter on her Instagram story. A special bonding between Sonakshi and Zaheer’s entire family can be seen in this picture. In the picture, Sonakshi is seen with her mother-in-law, father-in-law Iqbal Ratansi, Zaheer and sister-in-law Sanam Ratansi. At the same time, Zaheer is seen posing with his hands on the shoulders of his mother and father. Meanwhile, Sonakshi is seen standing next to her father-in-law and giving a cute smile.

What does Zaheer’s family do?

Zaheer Iqbal’s father Iqbal Ratansi is a jeweler and businessman. His mother is a housewife. Zaheer’s sister Sanam is a celebrity stylist. Sanam has styled most of the stars in the recently released Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Hiramandi’. Sonakshi Sinha is also included in this. Sanam shared a family photo with a heart emoji. The actor has a younger brother, who works as a computer engineer. Zaheer’s family is very close to Salman Khan’s family.

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