Sonakshi Sinha’s brother was not seen at the chadar ceremony, this photo was seen amid murmurs of displeasure

The absence of her brothers in Sonakshi Sinha’s wedding entry video is creating various debates. In the clip, Sonakshi’s friend and Huma Qureshi’s brother Saqib Salim is bringing a sheet of flowers. People are commenting that their brothers are not visible in this. However, some pictures have gone viral in which his brother was seen at the spot.

All eyes are on Love-Kush

Even before Sonakshi Sinha’s wedding, there are various kinds of talk on social media. It was discussed that her family was not ready for this marriage. It was also being said that Shatrughan Sinha will not attend the wedding. Now, Sonakshi’s sister-in-law Taruna, mother Poonam and father Shatrughan were seen in the pictures and videos of the wedding but Luv-Kush was not seen by most of the people. Sonakshi’s entry Chadar Wali Vidhi Video But many trolled that his real brother was not present. However, there are reports that his brother Love was spotted at the venue in the evening. The paparazzi also shared a picture.

Bhabhi appeared but brother did not.

Pictures of sister-in-law Taruna with Shatrughan Sinha and Poonam Sinha are being seen at Sonakshi’s reception. However, her husband Kush was not seen with her. Luv Sinha was also not seen at the reception or chadar ceremony.

Sonakshi Sinha brother Love Sinha

There were discussions of resentment

When the marriage talks started, Sonakshi’s maternal uncle Pahlaj Nihalani said that Shatrughan Sinha was angry but could not stay for long. Sonakshi is his darling. When Shatrughan said that all this happens in marriage. Now there is no tension of any kind. He also said that his daughter is very happy with Zaheer and wants their couple to be safe.

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