T20 World Cup: If rain comes and match is called off, India-US will play Super-8, Pakistan will have to make its bed.

New Delhi. Pakistan may have opened the T20 World Cup with a win over Canada, but their fate in the India-USA match is still in limbo. Pakistan fans will surely pray for an India win and America lose, but they will wish that the match does not get rained out. If the match between India and America rains and the match is called off, then Pakistan will be in trouble.

The ICC T20 World Cup match between India and USA is scheduled to be played on Wednesday, June 12. This is the third match between the two teams in the tournament. Both teams have won two matches each. Both have 4 marks each. Whichever team wins India or America will reach the Super-8. However, the losing team will also have a chance to reach the Super-8 by winning the next match.

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Group A of Indo-US has teams from Pakistan, Canada and Ireland. Pakistan had defeated Canada a day earlier. With this he has moved to the third position in the points table. But Pakistan will reach the Super-8 only if America or India lose both their matches. It would be too much to expect India to lose two matches in a row. Yes, America can lose both matches.

How would rain change the equation?
T20 World Cup 2024 has so far played 24 matches, two of which have been canceled due to rain. On Wednesday, rain fell in Lauderhill, USA and due to this the match between Sri Lanka and Nepal was cancelled. The ground where the match between India and America is to be played has rained several times in the last week. In such a situation, if the India-USA match is rained out and canceled, one point each will be shared between the two teams. With this both teams will have 5 points each. Even if Pakistan wins its last match, it cannot have more than 4 points. It means that if the points are shared between India and America, then Pakistan will be out of the Super-8.

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