The company has paid dividends 29 times, this week also declared record debt, bonus shares

Dividend Stock: There is good news for investors keeping an eye on shares of companies that pay dividends and bonus shares. MM Forgings is going to trade ex-dividend this week. The company has decided to issue bonus shares of Rs 8 per share. Let us tell you that the company is also giving bonus shares.

When is the record date?

In the information provided by the company to the stock markets, it has been stated that a dividend of Rs 8 will be given on one share with a face value of Rs 10. That means 80 percent profit will be made on each share. The company will trade ex-dividend in the stock market on July 14.

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The company had earlier paid a dividend of Rs 6 per share in 2022 and 2023. Let us tell you that since 2001 till now the company has given dividend 29 times.

The company is also giving bonus shares

Company is giving 1 share bonus on 1 share. The bonus issue will trade as ex-bonus stock on July 28, 2024. That means the company will issue bonus shares after the dividend.

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How is the stock market performing?

Shares of the company closed at Rs 1184 with a rise of 1 percent on Friday. In the last 6 months, the share price of this company has seen an increase of more than 36 percent. At the same time, investors holding for 1 year have got a profit of 39.80 percent so far.

The company’s 52-week high is Rs. 1300 and a 52-week low of Rs. is 825. The market cap of the company is Rs. 2,858.27 crores. Let us tell you that the total share of promoters in the company is more than 56 percent.

In December, the share of mutual funds was 14.14 percent. At the same time, it was reduced to 11.47 percent in March 2024. As for foreign investors, it was 1.93 percent in December 2023. Which has increased to 2.28 percent in March.

(This is not investment advice. Stock market is subject to risks. Consult experts before making any investment.)

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