These things make Shah Rukh Khan unique, he doesn’t get the tag of ‘King of Bollywood’ for any reason

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Shahrukh Khan’s first film in Bollywood (Deewana) came in 1992. That is, Shah Rukh Khan has been active in the cinema world for the past 32 years and is constantly entertaining his fans. Not only in India but people all over the world know Shah Rukh Khan. Apart from acting, Shahrukh Khan produces films under the production house ‘Red Chillies Entertainment’ and also does charity work in many ways. Everyone knows about Shahrukh like the big beach bungalow in Mumbai, going to any lengths to get his love at that time and having a lot of respect for women. People love Shah Rukh Khan for many reasons other than his work, so let’s know some things about Shah Rukh Khan that make him the King of Bollywood.

Dominated the industry for many decades

Shah Rukh Khan has been entertaining his fans for decades. After starting with Doordarshan channel without any godfather, Shah Rukh Khan is still in the cinema industry today. While today’s actors start flying after achieving some success and start thinking about moving to Hollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, despite being so successful, stays grounded and continues to love the soil of his country.

There is no competition when it comes to romance

Lovers of Shah Rukh Khan say about him that he has taught people to love. Shah Rukh Khan has done many romantic films in his long career which have been super hits. The way Shah Rukh Khan brings out the emotions associated with love and romance on screen earned him the tag of ‘King of Romance’, which continues till now. Shah Rukh does the romantic sequences beautifully. However, in recent times he has shifted from romance to action.

Shahrukh’s power at the box office

It is not easy to survive in the film industry for so long. Shah Rukh Khan has not only proved himself every time but his arrival at the box office is considered a guarantee of a film’s hit. This was the reason why the producers wanted to cast him in their film even after paying the asking price. When Shah Rukh Khan’s career took a nosedive, he disappeared from the camera for a few years, but then he proved himself with three back-to-back blockbusters and is still going strong.

Shah Rukh Khan has a global following

Shah Rukh Khan is loved not only in India but all over the world. There are many such stories when people have been able to get help abroad because of Shah Rukh Khan. This fan following of Shah Rukh Khan connects his fans with each other. Apart from India, Shah Rukh Khan’s films are also released in Arab countries and people there are eagerly waiting for his films.

There is no match for Shahrukh’s charm

Shah Rukh Khan’s charm is considered to be his biggest plus point. Whatever character he plays on screen, in real life he treats everyone well. People who work in Shahrukh Khan’s team have often told stories about Shahrukh being very polite even when he makes mistakes and respects women very much. Shahrukh Khan often makes such cute gestures on stage that his pictures and clips go viral on the internet.

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