“This is very unfair..”, angry ex-England captain Michael Vaughan ahead of India-England semi-final, accuses ICC

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Michael Vaughan’s reaction to T20 World Cup 2024: India and England (IND vs ENG Semi Final) Meanwhile, the second semi-final is being played. Michael Vaughan has reacted ahead of the semi-final match. Vaughan has accused the ICC that India has benefited from every side in this World Cup. The former English captain has shared a post on social media which has created a stir. Vaughn wrote in his post, “Surely this semi-final should have been held in Guyana… but it is unfair to others as the entire event is for India.”

Vaughan has actually criticized the schedule of the T-20 World Cup semi-finals. The former England captain believes that the semi-final match between Afghanistan and South Africa should be played in Guyana. Actually Vaughn made another post before this. In which he expressed anger about the schedule.

The former England captain wrote, “So Afghanistan qualified for the World Cup semi-finals with a win in St Vincent’s on Monday night. Flight to Trinidad on Tuesday was 4 hours late, so no time to practice or acclimatise. No time for a new venue… I’m afraid. is that there is a lack of respect for the players.”

Former England captain Michael Vaughan directly believes that whatever schedule is made, it is made with the intention of benefiting India. At the same time, a match between India and England will be played in Guyana. There is no reserve day for this match. That is, if the match cannot be played even after extra time due to rain, then India will be declared the winner.

The ICC has been accused of prioritizing TV viewers in India ahead of the T20 World Cup semi-final match. The controversy is about the indirect favor given to India in the semi-final match. The ICC is already facing criticism over the World Cup semi-final scheduling controversy.

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