VIDEO: “Ma Tuze Salaam…”, Team India sang with thousands of fans, the whole country got goosebumps.

New Delhi:

Ma Tuze Salam: As India reached the climax of the T20 World Cup (T20 World Cup 2024) title after defeating South Africa by 7 runs in the final match last Saturday, the players felt as if they would forget the love and respect for the rest of their lives when they returned home on Thursday. No was welcomed. It seemed as if the whole of Mumbai had gathered at Marine Drive. And the players were moved and thrilled by the picture they saw. No one thought that three to four lakh fans would gather on Marine Drive alone. But the scene reached a different level when the players entered the Wankhede Stadium. More than fifty thousand spectators were present in the stadium with a capacity of about 35,000 spectators.

Now that the entry to the stadium was free, a large number of fans thronged the stadium to shower their love on the world champions. Although the Indian team’s convoy entered the stadium around 9 pm, the Wankhede Stadium was already full by 3 pm.

However, after entering the stadium, the Indian players also returned their full love to the fans. The players danced vigorously while circling the field. But when the Vande Mantaram song was played throughout the stadium, the audience stood up and joined in the tune, then Virat, Rohit and all the players joined in and joined in the tune, and millions of countrymen got goosebumps. This video has been posted by BCCI from its official website. The video went viral in no time. Fans are sharing this. Talking about this video.

The attitude among the fans gave these moments more meaning

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