Vinod Khanna used to speak very sweet Punjabi, fans reminisced when an old video went viral.

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Vinod Khanna’s fan following was amazing

New Delhi:

Vinod Khanna is one of the few Bollywood stars who has worked on par with stars like Amitabh Bachchan and not only made his mark but also lived up to the star status. Vinod Khanna used to compete with Amitabh Bachchan both in terms of acting and aggression. He was not less than Amitabh Bachchan in height and personality too. Apart from this, he often covered Amitabh Bachchan in looks. One special thing about him was that people were touched when he spoke in his own language i.e. Punjabi. The proof of this is the video which is being liked a lot on social media. In this video, even if only for a few seconds, Vinod Khanna can be heard speaking Punjabi very lovingly.

Vinod Khanna’s Punjabi

Vinod Khanna Legend Star and Old Bollywood Actors Instagram handle shared this old video of Vinod Khanna. In this video, Vinod Khanna is seen giving an interview to a radio station. In this interview the interviewer Vinod Khanna tells that the people here are also very green and loving. To which he replied sure. After this the interviewer says that since you are Punjabi they will love you more. To which Vinod Khanna says in Punjabi, yes, I am Sunya, she is very Punjabi. All are Punjabi.

Punjabi film star

After watching this video, a fan commented that Vinod Khanna was probably the last handsomest man in Bollywood. A user claimed that Vinod Khanna has also been a star of Punjabi films. A user informed that the interview is being conducted by Sushma of Spice Radio in Vancouver, Canada. Many fans also commented in the comment section by writing ‘Miss you Vinod Khanna’.

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