What was Alia Bhatt’s reaction after getting the news of pregnancy, said- I was on the set…

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The year 2022 has been very good for Alia Bhatt. This year he got married and also gave birth to a daughter. After getting married in April, Alia-Ranbir announced their pregnancy in June. His fans were surprised by this. Now Alia has revealed during an interview what was her reaction when she first came to know about her pregnancy.

This was Alia’s reaction

Alia told News18 what happened when she found out she was pregnant. Alia says, I was on the set. I started crying. There were tears of joy. When asked about her first reaction after seeing Raha, Alia said, I’m trying to remember because some time has passed. Of course there was excitement. I must have screamed and cried.

Raha wakes up Aaliya

Alia said that her morning routine also changed after the birth of her daughter. He said, now it has happened that Raha comes and wakes us up. Look at his face first and give him a hug. He comes into the room and wakes us up.

Ranbir’s eye on Raha’s fashion

Alia told Indian Express that she always knew that Ranbir would make a good father. Raha and Ranbir share a very interesting bond. Both have had a lot of fun together. Both make each other laugh. Alia also revealed that Ranbir Kapoor spends a lot of time on what Raha will wear.

Neetu Kapoor has also praised

Earlier, Ranbir’s mother Neetu Kapoor also said that Ranbir and Raha live by seeing each other’s faces. He praised that Ranbir is a good father. He is not like his late Rishi Kapoor.

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