When TV’s ‘Laxman’ called the people of Ayodhya selfish, aka Javed got angry, taught the actor a lesson.

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New Delhi, the results of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections were not as expected by the BJP. Despite the construction of a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya, the BJP suffered a major blow there. After BJP’s defeat in Faizabad Lok Sabha seat, ‘Lakshman’ i.e. TV serial ‘Ramayan’ actor Sunil Lahiri appeared very angry with the people there. Expressing his displeasure on social media, he termed the people of Ayodhya as ‘selfish’ and ‘cheating’.

The actor’s statement did not go down well with many people in Bollywood and the film industry and it also included the name of social media sensation aka Javed. Taking the help of social media, Urfi Javed has sneered at actor Sunil Lahiri. He taught the actor a lesson by sharing a story on his Instagram.

Urfi taught the lesson
Urfi Javed shared a news from an entertainment portal that said Sunil Lahiri called the people of Ayodhya ‘selfish’. Sharing this post, Urfi wrote, ‘This is called democracy, not selfishness’. Let us tell you that, Sunil Lahiri wrote in his post, ‘Salutations to your greatness, residents of Ayodhya, when you did not spare mother Sita, then what is the big deal in deceiving those who put Rama out of the tent. In a magnificent temple. Much respect to you.

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Apart from her unique fashion sense, Urfi Javed is known for expressing her opinion openly on social media. He often expresses his thoughts with the help of social media. Ali has also been a part of many popular TV serials like ‘Bepannah’, ‘Chandra Nandinin’. However, the actress’ career on the small screen did not last long. He said that side actors are treated like animals on the small screen and that’s why he stays away from the small screen.

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