Who did Anushka Sharma get angry with in India-Pakistan T20 World Cup match? People said – Bhabhiji is getting aggressive…

Anushka Sharma Angry Video: ICC T20 World Cup 2024 has started. In such a situation, everyone is very excited about the T20 World Cup. Yesterday a match was played between India and USA. At the same time, there was an exciting cricket match between India and Pakistan recently. India won this match. As usual, wives of cricketers reached the stadium to support them. In such a situation, Anushka also came to cheer her husband Virat Kohli. Meanwhile, a video of this match is going viral on social media, in which Anushka is seen getting angry with someone. Many users are surprised to see this video, many are seen giving funny reactions.

What is that video though?

Anushka Sharma’s viral video is from the India Pakistan T20 World Cup match played on June 9. Anushka is seen talking to someone in this video. However, it is not clear what she is talking and doing in the video, but looking at her expression, it seems that she is a bit angry. She is seen pointing at someone else and saying something. Fans are very worried to see the actress getting angry.

Fans made such comments

This video of Anushka Sharma is fast becoming viral on the internet. After watching this video, fans are seen commenting continuously. One user commented, ‘Looks like the matter is serious.’ One writes, ‘Bhabhi looks angry.’ One writes, ‘Bhabhi is getting aggressive.’ One said, ‘A man can be both happy and angry. We all do it, what’s the big deal? Many more such comments are coming on this video.

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