Why did Zomato appeal to customers not to order in the afternoon?

Amidst the heat of summer, online food delivery app Zomato has made a special appeal to its customers. The company has requested people to order food during lunch hours only when absolutely necessary. “Please avoid ordering at noon unless absolutely necessary,” Zomato wrote in a post on social media platform X.

Stop services between 12pm and 4pm: On Zomato’s appeal, some appreciated the move, but others didn’t like it. One user said it depends on the features. Stop services between 12pm and 4pm. Sometimes it’s okay to be human before profit. Yes, we won’t place the order, but it will still be more profitable than your closing.

Do you really care about your employees: Another user wrote, “Why don’t you shut down your service at noon?” Another wrote, “Bro, you are in food services and people order food when they need it most. If you really care about your employees, you would be posting “our services at noon”.

Another user said, “Is this true? Although I appreciate your concern, lunch time orders can’t be postponed till dinner time. If so Zomato should be “highly urgent” orders and identify less urgent orders. is needed.”

Platform Fee per Order: Another said, “If you’re really concerned about the well-being of delivery people increase their incentives, you guys already charge the platform per order to pay the bill.”

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