Why does Rohit Sharma get nervous before every match? He himself explained the reason behind this

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Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma is going to play 9th consecutive T20 World Cup. They will play the first match of the T20 World Cup 2024 against Ireland on June 5. The hitman is one of only two players to have played in every World Cup. Apart from Rohit Sharma, Shakib Al Hasan is the only batsman to have played in every T20 World Cup since 2008. However, Rohit Sharma has made a big revelation before this tournament. He has said that he gets nervous before every match. He has also revealed the truth behind why this happens to him.

Rohit Sharma said in an ICC video, “When you play in an ICC event, it’s always exciting and brings new challenges. Nothing has changed for me, which is T20. World Cup i have played I always want to win the World Cup. I have played every T20 World Cup and enjoyed it. The first thing I remember about the T20 World Cup is the ball out that happened against Pakistan. It was very interesting to speak for the first time. This is what we were trained for. Everyone had to participate. Since then players have shown interest in T20 cricket.”

Hitman Rohit added on his pre-match nervousness, “After playing for so many years, I think I get a little nervous before every match and I think that’s a good thing. You only get nervous. When you To achieve something, I’ve known for years that it doesn’t come naturally to anyone, but because of your career experience and ups and downs, let’s learn how to handle it. duty is

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