Young people buy by looking at online trends, what is Generation Z?

While the older generation used to visit department stores or shopping malls to buy their favorite items, the new generation places more emphasis on influencers and online discovery. This has been revealed in a recent study. According to this, the preferences of Gen Z in Asia Pacific are influenced by influencers. They also copy her clothes, hairstyle etc.

A new report from KPMG states that this trend has increased with the advent of social commerce platforms like Instagram, where influencer advice plays an important role. This report has been prepared based on a survey conducted on 14 markets in different countries. Under this, more than 7000 users were surveyed.

Impact on India too

Born and raised in the digital age, today’s young generation depends on technology to forecast, assess risk and budget. According to a recent report, they invest through mobile apps.

Millennials Shopping in Stores (in Percent)

Japan 45

Australia 38

New Zealand 34

Singapore 21

South Korea 21

Indonesia 13

Means of generation z

‘Gen Z’ is the first generation in the world to grow up with digital devices. People born between 1997 and 2012 are part of it.

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