YRKKH June 2: Armaan will feel love for Abhira, this beautiful coincidence will happen at the mehndi ceremony.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd June Episode: TV serial ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ 2nd June 2024 episode has been released on OTT platform Disney plus Hotstar. Before the show telecasts on TV, know what special features you will get to see in today’s episode. Abhira will tell Daadi Sa and Vidya that she wants the job on her own and not on the recommendation of the Pauddar family. On the other hand, Armaan will dream that Abhira is questioning him as to why she keeps coming to save him. Now she is neither his wife, nor his girlfriend, nor his responsibility. What is it that draws him close to her again and again?

Armaan will feel love for Abhira

Armaan will wake up startled and wonder about what he saw in his dream. Then Ruhi will appear in front of him and Armaan will be shocked. Ruhi will extend her hand towards him but Armaan will not give her hand. He will wonder why he is with Ruhi. As usual, Ruhi will start enlightening Armaan and tell him that we should remove him from the wedding planner job keeping Abhira’s welfare in mind. So that he can go and work in a law firm and fulfill his dream.

Abhira Sharma will reject Ruhi’s offer

Thinking about the state of her resort, Abhira returns to Paddar House. He will propose to play many fun games on the day of Mehndi. When Daadi Sa rejects the proposal, Ruhi will be overjoyed. Ruhi will offer Abhira a huge amount of money and asks him to quit his job and get ready for a job in a law firm. But Abhira will return the check and say that dreams should be fulfilled on their own terms, otherwise the dream will be fulfilled but the pride will remain half.

Armaan will understand this in the mehndi ceremony

Ruhi will be shocked thinking that Armaan said the same thing to her. He will wonder how well Armaan knows Abhira. Ruhi will go and try to convince uncle. Here there will be a conversation between Abhira and Armaan. Abhira will ask some questions to which Armaan will have no answer, he will be surprised. Something will happen in the mehndi ceremony too which will leave Armaan in awe. Abhira will start getting emotional when Ruhi dresses up and dances.

Abhira-Arman will come close to each other in the temple

Seeing Armaan’s name written on Ruhi’s hand, her tears won’t stop and she leaves the house. Armaan will notice this when everyone is busy dancing with joy. When Abhira starts his scooter outside, the scooter won’t start, meanwhile Armaan comes with the car and asks her to go with him. Suwarni will see both of them leaving together in the car and Ruhi will also come to know at home that both Armaan and Abhira are missing. Here will live some beautiful moments with Armaan and Abhira.

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