YRKKH June 21: Ruhi won’t marry Armaan, Abhira will back down after listening to Krish.

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Today’s episode of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’: After listening to Charu, Ruhi will leave Pauddar’s house to get Armaan’s bail, but midway she decides to stay away from Armaan and go to Goenka’s house. Abhira will arrange the money to bail out Armaan. As she picks up her phone to arrange the money, she gets a call from Krish. Krish will ask Abhira if Armaan got bail or not. Abhira will tell him that she is trying to collect money for bail.

Who will ring Armaan?

Krish asks Abhira what he will do after Armaan gets bail. Abhira will be shocked. Krish will get emotional. He will say, after getting bail, forgive Armaanbhai. Otherwise, don’t sell them to park outside your house. After listening to Krish, Abhira will not go to the police station. In such a situation, Vidya will reach the police station to get Armaan’s bail.

His Mangalsutra will pledge

Vidya will first lecture Madhav and then bail Armaan out by pledging his mangalsutra. Not only this, after getting bail, he will also lecture Armaan. Vidya’s lecture will have no effect on Arman. After coming out of jail, he will go to Abhira immediately. Abhira will hug Armaan. Armaan will get emotional and express his love.

Abhira will become the queen of Jhansi

Abhira will ask Armaan for time. Armaan will leave after hearing Abhira’s talk. When Abhira comes to know that riots have started in the city, she will call Armaan. However, Armaan’s number will be busy. In such a situation, she will go out to find Armaan. On the way, goons will attack Armaan and Abhira. When the goons attack Armaan with a knife, Abhira will confront them as the queen of Jhansi and take Armaan to her home.

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