YRKKH Spoiler: Will Armaan sacrifice love for family? Madhav’s amazing entry will create an earthquake again

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Twist: The story of TV serial ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ is currently going through a twist and no viewer wants to miss a single episode. While on one hand Armaan is going to marry Ruhi, on the other hand he starts realizing that he loves Abhira and not Ruhi. In the Saturday episode of the show, it was shown that Armaan will go and express his love to Abhira but later she will become his dream. Here Ruhi is going mad for marriage and Armaan on the other hand is confused.

Sanjay and Kajal’s condition is getting worse

She doesn’t understand whether she should listen to her heart or her family. Dadi Sa will pressure Armaan and try to blackmail him emotionally saying that the family has done a lot for him and now it is his turn. On the other hand, Sanjay’s condition is getting worse as he knows that Abhira and Armaan’s divorce is still pending. Now further you will see that Kajal will tell Sanjay that before marrying Ruhi, Sanjay must complete Armaan’s divorce under any circumstances, otherwise Dadi Sa will not leave him under any circumstances.

Kaveri Pauddar is trying hard for marriage

Sanjay is also nervous in mind, as he knows that if the divorce does not go through, Dadi will surely be angry, besides, Abhira will return to Pauddar’s house which he does not want at all. On the other hand, Armaan will reach Abhira’s door to express his love, but before he can say anything, he will faint. When Kaveri finds him unconscious, she takes him to Paghdar’s house. She will tell him how much she and the Pauddar family have done for him.

What will be seen in the next episode?

Kaveri does not want to lose this bet against Abhira under any circumstances. For him, emotions have no place in this and it has now become just a game for him in which Kaveri wants to win. Everyone is waiting for Armaan at the Haldi ceremony, while he is confused about what to do next. He wants to marry Abhira but knows that running away from the mandap at this point would mean bringing shame to the Pauddar family and hurting Ruhi. Now in the upcoming episode you will see that Armaan will agree to the marriage, but Madhav is likely to stop the marriage at the last moment.

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